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  RSS Addon

Web Industry News from Cnet

Full Service Design, Marketing and Media

Not only do we offer one of the web's best content management system with extremely reliable hosting but we also have a full design and multimedia department that can handle anything that you and your company may need today or in the future. We offer numerous custom options for your website from small custom data forms to large corporate solutions with user registration and role based memberships.
When you're ready for the promotion phase don't go at it alone, we'll work with you and design all your marketing and promotional materials assuring that you have a strong consitent brand across a wide varity of mediums from web graphics to your promotional videos.

Website Design

- Custom Website Design
- Animated Flash
- Custom Functionailty
- Data Entry
- Secure Data Forms
- Corporate Solutions
- User Membership
- User Security Roles
- Content Authoring


Graphic Design

- Print Design
- Posters and Banners
- Business Cards
- Brochures
- Letterheads
- Marketing Materials
- Logo & Branding
- Stock Photography


- Online Ads
- Directory Listing
- Google Ads
- Search Engine Optimization
- Link Propigation
- Social Media Marketing
- Search Engine Submission


- Video Editing
- Video Animation
- Sound Editing
- Radio Ads
- Photography
- Video Shoots
- Live Video Streaming

  Secure Custom Data Forms Addon

View Example Demonstration of Our Custom Secure Forms


The Secure Form Addon

Summary: We offer custom forms for all types of data requirements and can customize any type of form to fit your business needs. Whether you need to collect sensitive information from your visitors and require a secure form or just want to gather general data we can accommodate you! A custom form on your site makes it easy and practical for your customers to send data and for your employees to retrieve the data. We'll design a custom form that meets your needs. Our standard forms will allow you to gather many types of data from your visitors including dates, text, numbers, and addresses. With our secure form you can collect and store sensitive data such as credit card information, Tax ID's, and SSN. You can easily capture and retrieve whatever information your company might need. We can even create an automatic payment processing form that will securely collect credit card details and send them to your payment gateway for automatic processing.

View the full Secure Form Demonstration here

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The RSS Addon

Summary: Add dynamic content to your website with the RSS feed displayer. Simply grab an RSS link from your favorite news website and the RSS displayer will automatically parse and display the latest headlines from that news site right on your homepage!

View the News Links Below!
You can try it out below! Just click on any of the headlines below under Web Industry News, courtesy of CNET. The links will open in a new window. With the RSS Addon you can always display the newest headlines from your favorite news site!

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Page & Menu Administrator
Free with any hosting package!

The Page and Menu Administrator is a simple tool that will help you add and organize your website pages. With this tool you can add, delete, or rename pages. You can also make the page live so everyone can see it or keep it hidden while you finalize the page content. You can also enable the page to show up in the main menu or make it a sub-menu link. All this is done with drag-and-drop ease through our customized Page and Menu Administrator application. In addition to page and menu organization you can also edit the meta tags for every page on your website which will help you achieve top SEO for your website!

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The Gallery Addon

Summary: For most people adding images to their website is quite the chore, but with our Image Gallery Addon you can add tons of images quickly and easily. You can upload a single image or multiple images at once and then display them in their own album. Create lots of different albums for each type of images. Create sub-albums as well! Once you upload your images you can then add a title or description. When your visitors click on the image to view it the image opens up in an elegant lightbox. The Gallery Addon is great for artists and photographers who want to showcase their portfolio on their website, as well as businesses that want to display images of their office, employees, company parties or products and finished job sites.

Show The Latest Images Right On Your Home Page!
As you can see there are 4 small images shown below. These are the latest images added to the gallery, you can click on the image to view it in the lightbox or click View Gallery to see all the images and albums on the Gallery page.

View the full Image Gallery Demonstration here

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The Article Manager Addon
Instantly add the ability to archive news, announcements, company directories, press releases and anything else on your website. With an article manager you can easily add another dimension to your website while also increasing your search engine rankings with new recurring content. Whether you're creating an article to announce a new product, send a press release, or just want to have a general article library on your website, the article manager can accomplish that effectively! All articles are archived and conveniently organized by date for future retrieval, and with the newest articles always showing right on your home page, your visitors will always be up to date on your announcements! The article manager also includes an RSS feed for your articles.

Click the News Headlines Below!
The latest 5 article titles are shown below so that your visitors can easily see what's new. You can read the full article by clicking on the title.

View the full Article Manager Demonstration here

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The Newsletter Addon

Summary: For most personal or professional websites it is imperative that you communicate with your visitors. This often includes sending out periodic newsletters with announcements and promotions. With our Newsletter Addon we make this task a breeze. You'll be able to collect new email addresses on your home page and also manage and import large subscribers list directly into the Newsletter Administration section. When you're ready to send out the newsletter you can easily add and edit your custom newsletter content via our content editor or use one of our default templates. You can also save and edit your own newsletter templates! The Newsletter Addon is compliant with the CAN-SPAM ACT and has full automated unsubscribe support for your subscribers.

We Make it Easy to Collect and Build Promotional Email Lists!
You can try it out below! Just enter your email address and click subscribe and you will automatically get the latest newsletter!

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The Event Calendar Addon

Summary: If you have lots of events and important dates that you want your visitors to know about then the Event Calendar Addon is perfect for you! Through the back-end administration section you can easily add an event with start time, end time and event description. You can also make an event recurring so it will always show up in the calendar in specific intervals, ie. weekly, monthly, yearly etc. All the events will display in the elegant, full-page calendar.

Automatically Display Upcoming Events
Make it easy for your visitors to see upcoming events by displaying them right on your home page. Take a look at the latest events list below and try it out. You can view the details of that events simply by clicking on the title. You can also check out the full calendar by clicking the view calendar link below or click the events link up in the main menu.

View the full Event Calendar Demonstration here

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The Store Addon

Summary: Get our professional Store Addon and turn your website into an eCommerce super store! Our shopping cart software is a breeze to use and will get you selling quickly. Through the easy, back-end administration section you can manage all your products, categories, and orders quickly. You can choose from multiple credit card processing methods for accepting payments, as well as configure shipping, tax, and keeping track of stock through inventory management.

Show Featured Products Right on Your Home Page!
As you can see there are 4 sample products shown below. With our Store Addon you can automatically showcase some of your favorite products right on your home page. Choose from showing featured products, newest products or best selling products.

View the full Store Demonstration here

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